What Is Litigation  

Litigation is a legal case, lawsuit or it can just be a dispute. The people who are in litigation are called litigants.

When two or more parties have a dispute, they go to a litigator or an attorney with their case. The attorney reviews the case, checks to see the credibility in it and then agrees to take up the case to the court. During this time, the attorney will also try to reach a settlement by negotiating with the attorney of the other party.Litigation might take a few months, or it could take a few years. Most litigations are known to take a lot of time. The attorneys have to work on collecting evidence against the other party, and try their best to collect the strongest form of evidence. Litigation is often called a controversy because no one knows if the allegations are true. In order to prove those allegations, the attorney needs to collect evidences. That is why the whole process becomes very expensive, and the cases also demand high settlements.

Litigations are also called law suits, and they are often resolved in civil courts. Also, over a period of time in one single litigation case, there will be several other cases which need to be pursued on an individual level. The more the time taken for resolving a litigation case, the more complicated it becomes. Also, litigations are not always in the favor of the plaintiff, and several times they can go against them also. The problem is that people do not want to take ownership of the blame.

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What Is Litigation

Legal Dispute :

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