Rules Of Divorce Mediation  

Divorce mediation is one of the most difficult types of mediation to work upon. Mediation helps divorce cases in a big way and several couples actually change their mind after mediation for good.

Divorce mediation often involves both the spouses sitting with a mediator, who is a neutral third party.As a mediator you need to assure the couple that you are on no one’s side, and you are to here to tell who is wrong and who is right. You have to make it clear to the couple that it is not your job to do so, and set the right expectations from the very beginning.

Every mediator has their own style, and it helps in dealing with the case. You may wish to talk to the couple on an individual basis, or you can have them both together. As a mediator, you need to set the goals for yourself right at the beginning. Some relationships are better if they ended and some can be worked upon. So, as a mediator you need to know if the relationship is worth saving.

You also need to consider all the aspects of the marriage, and if there are children, how will it impact the couple. A divorce can ruin some people’s lives, and as a mediator you need to foresee any such problems.

Remember that a divorce mediator is shouldering a huge responsibility on which several lives are dependent. Gaining the trust of a divorcing couple is the most difficult thing to do. However, it should be gained in the first session.

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Rules Of Divorce Mediation

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