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How To Access Criminal Records ?

        Criminal records are available for the general public. Not many people though know this. These records are extremely useful when it comes to doing a background check on a person. Basically, it is a person's legal right to access these records so that they can be safe.This record check is done by specific governmental agencies like the police and the FBI.More...



Cohabitation and Kids -- How The Law Affects Your Right To Parent

         When a married couple has a child, both spouses have equal responsibilities and rights. Usually in a marriage, fatherhood is automatically assumed unless the paternity is contested. And, if the marriage ends in a divorce, both spouses still have the legal rights to continue the parental relationship with the child.However, when a couple is living together and they have a child out of the relationship, the rights of the parents are not assumed.More...



Details About Durable Power Of Attorney

         A durable power of attorney is a legal document that an adult, who is completely sane and capable of making a reasonable decision, can make wherein he appoints another person to handle and manage all his financial affairs.The reason it is called durable is because the power of attorney (POA) remains valid even when you become disabled. More...



Community Property vs. Separate Property In A Divorce

       When it comes to a divorce, it is very difficult for both the parties concerned to decide on dividing the property. However, different states in the US have different laws that oversee the division of property and assets during a divorce. This means that whatever you get during your divorce will complete depend on the laws of the state you are processing the divorce in.More...





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