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Rental Properties: Know Your Rights

       The laws in the US guarantee tenants the right to have a safe, healthy and a secure residence. In addition, a tenant has the right to privacy whether he or she lives in an apartment, a house or a manufactured home.Security: The landlord is obliged to provide acceptable measures of security which are in working condition. These measures include things like deadlock bolts, windows and doors with latches and locks, and security bars for patio doors.More...



The Self Defense Justification

       Before we talk about self defense justification in a case, let us take a real life example. Way back in 1984 December, a man called Bernhard Goetz, aged 37, got into a subway in Bronx. Along with him, there were four African American youths also in the train. These four were on their way to rob video game machines in Manhattan and were carrying screwdrivers that were sharpened. One of the youths demanded Goetz to give $5, which he refused.More...



Understanding and Preventing Industrial Accidents

        In the United States around 1.6 million industrial accidents occur each year. These accidents can cause minor injuries, debilitating injuries or even deaths. Any accident that takes place at a workplace is the responsibility of the employer as it directly affects the individual's job.The most common types of industrial accidents that occur are tripping, slipping, falling, getting struck by objects, falling from a height, accidents during lifting operations, explosions, and machinery-linked accidents.More...



Trade Secret Laws

        Trade secret refers to anything that is usually not known about a business, but gives the business a competitive business advantage over its rivals. A trade secret can be formulae, practices, design, practices, information or anything else. A trade secret is not public knowledge.Anyone who holds the secret will get some economic benefit from it. This is the main reason why some companies demand employees or contractors to sign a non disclosure agreement.More...






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