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Top 10 Legal Mistakes People Should Avoid

Top 10 Legal Mistakes People Should Avoid         There are a few legal issues every man and woman should be aware of, if they wish to protect themselves, their children and assets. Below are the top legal issues people tend to overlook.

         Prenuptial Agreement. A scary word, one that you would not like to think about when planning a wedding, but it can save a lot of bitterness later, should the couple decide to part ways.More...



When Should You Re-Write Your Will ?

When Should You Re-Write Your Will ?        If there is a divorce taking place in your life, then it is important that you either have your existing will revised, or have an altogether new one drawn up by your attorney.

        Most people change their wills after a divorce or after signing a separation agreement, and there is sound logic behind that. If you have healthy financial assets, which include substantial amounts in real estate, pension funds, cash, gold, brokerage accounts and life insurance, you may not like all of it to go to your spouse if your divorce process is still not finalized.More...



Asset Confiscation and Asset Forfeiture

Asset Confiscation and Asset Forfeiture        It is a well known fact that asset confiscation is abused by law enforcement agencies and others, in most countries in the world. It is understandable when assets of suspects accused of heinous crimes and corruption charges are frozen, but mostly seizure and sale of property happens without just reasons.

        The Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act of 2000 (HR 1658) allows the US government to confiscate assets of suspects who are under investigation, and criminals who have been convicted of offenses that could be anything from soliciting a prostitute, to gambling, drug charges to tax related crimes and corruption.More...



How to Stop Collection Agency Harassment ?

How to Stop Collection Agency Harassment ?         A debt collection agency is a third party that financial institutions use to collect their dues from debtors. Most of the time, these debt collectors behave in a high-handed manner and use methods that are often described as harassing.


        Unfortunately, most consumers are unaware that they do not need to face this kind of harassment, since the law has something called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in place, which is aimed primarily at ensuring fair debt collection and put an end to harassment from collection agencies.More...


How Are Documents Authenticated in Civil Lawsuits ?

How Are Documents Authenticated in Civil Lawsuits       Courts get all the required information pertaining to a case from authenticated documents, like records, bills, letters and contracts. Any document that is offered as evidence must be produced in writing and submitted as evidence and for that, it is essential that the document has been duly authenticated.


       What exactly is authentication? It is a regulation that states that the evidence provided is genuine and is sufficient to support a particular finding related to the case.More...






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