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When Are Employers in Violation of Whistle Blowing Laws?

When Are Employers in Violation of Whistle Blowing Laws?          Employees who lodge complaints about company misconduct such as safety or health violations, manipulation of shares or similar, are called ‘whistleblowers’. Since employees who ‘blow the whistle’ are always scared of facing the wrath of their employers, there are federal and state laws in place, designed to protect them and as well as those employees who may be involved in the matter in an indirect manner.More...



Employment Arbitration Made Simple

Employment Arbitration Made Simple          Arbitration clauses in agreements is quite commonplace, particularly in employment related agreements. However, many people are still not very clear about what exactly the arbitration clause denotes.

         In plain terms, arbitration takes place when a dispute between two parties is settled out of court, with assistance from an arbitrator or a third party, who has a neutral stand in the matter. Though it is not imperative that the arbitrator be a lawyer, people often choose to use the services of an employment attorney, when it comes to matters of employment arbitration.More...


Protect your Business, Stop Unfair Competition

Protect your Business, Stop Unfair Competition          Unfair competition in the business world occurs when unlawful, deceitful and immoral practices are adopted by businesses, simply to get ahead of the competition. It confuses or manipulates the public with incorrect information, pertaining to the products or services offered by a business organization.

          Some of the most common situations which are examples of unfair competition are when an organization disparages a product offered by a rival business house, without any proof to substantiate its claims, or when a business advertises or promotes its products in a misleading manner which does not reflect the true features of its products or services.More...


Facts and Information about Train Accidents

Facts and Information about Train Accidents          The Federal Railroad Administration defines a train accident as ‘a derailment, collision, or other event that involves the operation of on track equipment’. Train accidents primarily happen due to one of these reasons -- derailment, collision with pedestrians, a bus, a car or another train, the train conductor’s carelessness, inadequate security measures, and mechanical failure which includes ill-maintained tracks.

          The usual perception is that a train accident is less fatal when compared to other types of accidents, like a car, motorcycle or bus accident, but the truth is that train accidents cause devastation that could be far more disastrous than other accidents.More...


Negotiating for Employment Severance Packages

Negotiating for Employment Severance Packages        These days employees often switch jobs, and when ties between an individual and his current employer are broken, there surfaces the matter of an employment severance package.

        When an employee leaves his current organization because he has decided to resign from his services, has reached the retirement age as per company rules, gets fired or is laid off, employers may have to give him a severance package. The US currently has no laws that demand that all employers must give severance packages. Hence when an employer does extend this benefit to an employee who has severed his ties with the organization, it is considered a voluntary act on the employer’s part.More...





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