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Workers Compensation Settlement for Back Injury

      Accidents that take place at the work place are very common. Some professions are more accident prone than the others like for example factory works. Every employee is eligible for workmen’s compensation which is a kind of insurance plan and if they have been injured at the place of work or because of the work, then they are eligible to make claims.More...


Are Lawsuit Settlements Deductible

      Some deductible items are the expenses that are managed from your total income and are later reduced from the money used to pay taxes. Defendant uses these deductions facility as a compensation paid to the plaintiff. If the type of settlements and damages offered to the plaintiff are suitable by the court, the lawsuit settlements can be deductible. The plaintiff can demand for punishment to the defendant and later can claim for compensations for damages and emotional stress. Defendants also have to pay for punitive damages which are for deliberate activities and fraudulent behaviour.More...


Civil Litigations in the Business Arena

       Falling prey to civil litigation cases is not an unusual thing. One can be a victim to fallacious acts, negligence in the duty of services from the other party and other illegal practices. A company comes under one entity and so actions can be taken against it as well as it can be a victim to many issues. Miscommunications, violation of contract, negligence towards duty, unpaid debts, fraudulent acts and unmet expectations are some reasons due to which businesses get into civil litigations.More...


Consumers Explore Alternatives to Litigation

       Time and money are few things which matter the most to every individual. Saving both of them is a tough job. Nowadays consumers are thinking of various alternatives to resolve their cases and legal disputes. There are a plenty of options available from which the consumer can select the need that suits them the best.More..





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2010 Legal News:




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