How Jurors View Expert Testimony ?  

         A juror is a person who is part of the jury. This person is usually a layman called upon to do his or her jury duty and is invested with the responsibility of pronouncing the accused guilty or innocent based on all the evidence provided by the prosecutor and the defendant. A juror needs to use sound judgment when listening to a case.

How Jurors View Expert Testimony           When it comes to an individual case that is criminal in nature or civil the juror does not carry in depth knowledge of other factors that decide the course of the course. When it comes to the technical details of a case, jurors are just ordinary people who do not have technical knowledge. Jurors depend on expert’s testimony for criminal cases, especially to a large extent simply because they do not have expertise to understand the intricate technical details of the case. Jurors can only tell the difference between wrong and right and if a crime was committed or not.More...



Expert Testimony In Forensic Court

Expert Testimony In Forensic Court

Who is an expert witness or professional witness? An expert witness is a person who has the knowledge, skill and the expertise or experience on the subject of the crime over and above any average person. He or she is often relied upon by the law, the jury and the judge of their view about a case after which a decision on the case will be reached.

An expert usually scrutinizes the case form the angle of his expert knowledge and gives his proof on the possibility of how a certain crime was committed. An expert testimony in forensic court is most likely to be used because of the experience that forensic scientists have and they can pinpoint the exact direction of the case. More than civil cases, More...


Expert Lied During Testimony

Expert Lied During Testimony

The case of expert lying during testimony is quite common actually and this applies even more to in medical malpractice cases. The jurors usually invest a lot of trust in an expert’s testimony and many cases are decided based on the testimonies given by these experts.

In some cases when the expert is employed by the defender's legal team party to lie, then it becomes an extraordinary case of an expert lying. The expert could be anyone from a police officer to a surgeon to a psychiatrist to anyone who has expert knowledge to talk about the case. More...






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