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           Malpractice occurs from a professional’s misconduct or failure to use sufficient level of care, skill or diligence when performing his / her professional duties and as a result a person is harmed.

           Malpractice usually happens when a professional does not exercise his / her professional skills while another professional in similar profession and circumstances who have done otherwise. More...


Alternative Medicine Malpractice

Alternative Medicine Malpractice

The application of the alternative medicine in the U.S. is widely spread and increasingly growing. However, very little information is available regarding the malpractice lawsuits of the practitioners, who provide the professional care. Further still, very less is known regarding the legal ideas that rule the relationships, shared between alternative medicine and conventional medicine.More...


Legal Malpractice Definition

What Is Legal Malpractice

Legal malpractice is defined as the breach of a contract, fiduciary duty and negligence caused by a lawyer that harms the client. To have a solid case the client must be able to prove that the lawyer’s actions were not just deprived strategy, but a consequence of mistakes that no lawyer would make.More...


Average Cost Of Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Average Cost Of Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Typically a medical malpractice lawsuit can be filed against a doctor, a medical practice firm or hospital by the plaintiff. Medical cases are highly technical in nature and tend to be more expensive for the plaintiff and the accused in the end. Lawyers who specialize in this subject are called the medical malpractice lawyers and many of them work on the basis of contingency. They charge the legal fees only if the plaintiff wins the case. More...


Understand Breach Of Contract Or Agreement

Understand Breach Of Contract Or Agreement

A breach of contract is defined as a legal term which includes a binding agreement by one or more parties in the contract; and one or more parties do not perform as per the contract or interfere with the other party’s performance. A contract is an agreement and when the agreement is broken, then there would be a breach of contract or agreement. More...


What Is A The Statute Of Limitations ?

What Is A The Statute Of Limitations

What is the statute of limitations?  A statute of limitations can be defined as a rule within the legal system that sets a maximum period of time for a particular event and after the expiration of which the legal proceedings can be started. The statute of limitations is also known as periods of prescription in legal terms.More...



Burden Of Proof In A Criminal Matter

Burden Of Proof In A Criminal Matter

In the United States, the justice system is adversarial. This means that the two opposing parties can argue about each other's point of view by putting their case in front an independent decision maker -- the judge and jury. The system also requires that each contesting party shoulder the burden of proof. Here burden of proof encompasses persuading the jury as well as supplying the necessary evidence. More...


How Jurors View Expert Testimony ?

How Jurors View Expert Testimony

A juror is a person who is part of the jury. This person is usually a layman called upon to do his or her jury duty and is invested with the responsibility of pronouncing the accused guilty or innocent based on all the evidence provided by the prosecutor and the defendant. A juror needs to use sound judgment when listening to a case. More...


Partners Breech Of Fiduciary Duty To Other Partners

Partners Breech Of Fiduciary Duty To Other Partners

Partners are defined as two or more people engaged in a common kind of business for profit making. In partnership the partners are defined as fiduciaries to each other. A fiduciary is a person who acts in goodwill or for the good of the other person. This would mean that the partners owe each other the lawful responsibility of good faith for the business and other basic duties related to the business. More...





Malpractice Tips & Legal Advice - Check Physician for Malpractice Problems

Malpractice Law:

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Tips

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Tips      If you are planning on suing a medical practitioner, it is of utmost importance that you get a lawyer who has suitable experience in malpractice law. The lawyer, retained by you, should have the knowledge to wade through the bureaucracy and red tape in order to get the full report.More...




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