Should You Take First Offer In Settlement Car Accident  

The first offer made by a claims adjuster on behalf of insurance company is just to start the ball rolling. The adjuster works within a range given to him to effect a settlement. Quite obviously he would start with the lowest offer.

Most adjusters work on the assumption that the aggrieved party in an accident will be happy to get quick money and settle for what is offered. The negotiations will span some length of time with offers and counteroffers. Do not display any sense of urgency or anxiety. It will send the wrong signal and the adjuster might did his heels in. When the negotiations have reached an impasse and there is no improvement in the offer the ball is your court to decide whether to accept or proceed further.

The final offer you might feel is fair and with which you are satisfied. In such a case you would be well advised to consider settling immediately and not prolonging the negotiations. 

However, if in your opinion the offer is unjust and wholly incommensurate with the claim, other options open to you are listed below:

  • Ask to see a senior officer in the insurance company.  In all probability he will raise the offer towards a settlement. It is his job to try and settle the issue at the earliest.
  • Make a written request for alternative resolution such as arbitration or mediation.
  • Write the complaint with the Department of Insurance in your state.
  • Consult an attorney and explore the merits of a lawsuit.

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Should You Take First Offer In Settlement Car Accident

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