CDC Food Safety For Raw Fresh Water Salt Water Fish  

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) pursues a policy of prevention of disease for improved health. CDC has a department known as the Foodborne Diseases Active Surveillance Network which responds to foodborne diseases that affect the nation by identifying the source and monitoring the control of such diseases.

Animal protein, including fish. is one of the prime hosts of foodborne bacteria which proliferate in a moist favorable atmosphere.

The FDA controls quality of fish, freshwater or sea fish through its ‘oversight compliance program’ where the responsibility for meeting quality standards vest with the importer or processor. It lists the environmental contaminants found in seafood and has drawn up applicable consumption guidelines.

Mercury is an element most common to fish. It enters the food chain through air pollutants or effluent high in mercury content that are deposited into lakes, rivers and the ocean. Practically all types of seafood including shellfish are found to have traces of mercury. Hence, consumers of seafood are exposed to methylmercury. The upper limit of the FDA for fish earmarked for human consumption is 1 ppm. This level is reached mainly by large predator fish that swim in mercury infested waters.

The level of seafood consumption by most people is not of the order as to raise concern because of high blood stream mercury levels. But in the case of unborn babies and young children, it could adversely impact the yet to develop nervous system.

Hence, pregnant women, nursing mothers, fertile women and children should adhere to the FDA/EPA consumer advisory of 2004.

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Cdc Food Safety For Raw Fresh Water Salt Water Fish

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Cdc Food Safety For Raw Fresh Water Salt Water Fish )
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