What Are Some Measurements To Prevent Strict Liability Torts ?   

       Strict liability torts relate exclusively to recovery of damages from manufacturers or retailers who have to assume responsibility for injury and damage that may have been caused by any faulty product they deal with. Strict liability torts do not entail prosecution. Negligence is not a matter of relevance. More...

Doctorine Of Strict Liability

Doctorine Of Strict Liability

In the Law of Torts, the Doctrine of Strict Liability holds a person responsible for a wrong doing regardless of any prevailing circumstances that prove he is not at fault nor did he have intent to commit such a wrong. Under this doctrine, the injured may file suit against the person and is not required to prove guilt.

Only the facts of the incident are relevant. The injured is only liable to prove that a negligent incident took place as a result of which he has been wronged. More...


Opening Statement In Products Liability Case

Opening Statement In Products Liability Case

An opening statement is the opportunity an attorney has to win over a jury and persuade it to view the case from his perspective. It is a skeleton of the manner in which he hopes to present his case, what it is he is trying to achieve and how he proposes towards that end.

An attorney should speak in layman’s language which every member of the jury can understand. His case must be presented in simple, succinct terms. It should not be a dry monologue; rather the presentation must be graphic and hold the attention of the jury. More...


Public And Products Liability And ISR

Public And Products Liability And Isr

Public Liability in Torts law encompasses civil rights. As an owner or manager of property there exists an obligation on you to comply with certain statutory obligations designed to protect those who use your property. Furthermore, you are vulnerable to any bodily damage to a person in your premises if it is held to be the outcome of negligence on your part.

The same applies to any service you may run such as games parks for instance, where an accident resulting in injury could make you liable to penal damages. Public Liability envisages three categories of people -- invitees like customers who have implicitly been invited by advertising and your offering goods for sale, running a restaurant etc. Next are licensees like tradesmen, sales people and delivery agents not specifically invited but there to do business. And finally, trespassers who are uninvited but to whom the owner has an obligation to secure their safety. The laws on public liability are particularly stringent in the US and have been the cause of protracted litigation with penalties so severe as to result in closure of a business. More...






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