How Can I Make Myself Look Better In Eviction Court ?  

A landlord who wants to take possession of the house and evict the tenant should mention his intention to approach the court for settlement by serving a notice.

The court is entitled to suspend the claim or even strike out in case there are any technical errors in the notice sent to the tenant.

Consult a lawyer while you deal with any legal documents. It is strongly recommended to avoid any self help at this juncture. Choose a powerful and experienced attorney and make sure he has the expertise to guide on how to win the case in your favor. Educate yourself on the important laws and take the help of your attorney.

Read the eviction notice carefully with the help of your lawyer and evaluate cleverly as to whether there are any defects for the notice. Check whether the landlord has been named as the Plaintiff. Try and find out any loopholes in the previous notices. Some of the past notices, letters and notes may aid in changing the entire course of the case dramatically.

Research the past history of the landlord and note down points which may be in favor of your case. Evaluate carefully what to and what not to put in the court papers so that you do not get into problems in the future. It is also important to evaluate some strategies as how to reach a win-win settlement in the court while protecting your rights during the course of the trail.

Dress appropriately for the occasion. Wear conservative, good fitting, clean and ironed attire which is not too jazzy, too tight or with low cuts. Casual attire sends wrong messages to the judge and others that you are not respecting the court room or taking the trial seriously.

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How Can I Make Myself Look Better In Eviction Court ?

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How Can I Make Myself Look Better In Eviction Court ? )
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