How Long Does An Eviction Stay On Your Record ?  

Eviction is a civil issue and not a crime. The information is available for the public.

Anybody can request the information from the court and it would be available as long as the court destroys the case file or removes the case from the database.  If you were given an eviction notice and you willingly choose to leave, then you would not have an official record of eviction.

Since court records are searchable and computerized these days, it is very important that you resolve any eviction notice. If possible, try to settle it independently with the landlord so that you do not have any bad records in your name. Even if you satisfy the monetary requirements, it stays on your credit report up to a period of seven years and no longer than ten years. Post 10 years, you can remove your name from the credit report by following a procedure detailed by the credit bureau. However, if your landlord has filed unlawful detainer case against you, it would stay on your criminal record file forever.
Keep in mind that many of the industry services try to get the details through the public search records which deal with eviction and court filings. You may still have difficulty in finding a place to rent though you may not have got evicted in the end if it appears in your report.

In addition, if your landlord has filed a court notice for late payment of rent and started court proceedings, even if you have cleared the amount, the fact that you have paid late and the landlord had approached the court for settlement would still show up when people search for your details.

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How Long Does An Eviction Stay On Your Record

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How Long Does An Eviction Stay On Your Record ? )
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