How To Fight Unfair Eviction ?  

It may be very hard or even scary to face an eviction. If you are aware of your rights as a tenant, you can successfully evaluate whether it is worth to fight an eviction.

If you think that the landlord is being unfair, or he is unnecessarily placing charges against you and evicting you out of the house, you can fight against your eviction legally. The law does not allow eviction of a tenant without a justified cause.

Sometimes, your eviction may still be justified as you may have violated some terms as mentioned in the lease agreement but you may still find some alternative to fight the eviction or delay the action so that you have adequate time to make alternate arrangement.

As a first step, read your lease and identify whether you have violated any terms which has provoked the eviction. This may also help you identify whether your landlord has violated the lease by his own deeds.

Be aware of the laws regarding eviction by doing some research on the internet. Since the laws vary by state you may have to be careful and educate yourself on the laws particular to your state. You may also want to consult an attorney on the latest laws and how to apply it in real world scenario for protecting your interest. It is better to avoid representing yourself in the court on your own as the chances of winning the case in your favor are rare. Gather all the documents like lease agreement copy, rent checks, letters, notices and any other written agreements or correspondences between you and your landlord.

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How To Fight Unfair Eviction ?

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