Is Three Day Notice Of Eviction Legal ?  

A three day notice is a prerequisite for the landlord so that he can send a notice for eviction and settle with you in the court.

Once the tenant does not agree for eviction, the landlord can file a case for eviction. This notice also tells the tenant that the landlord is pretty serious with his intention and in case he wants to settle on an agreement with the landlord, he can still possibly solve it before the landlord takes you to the court.

You can get free help at the court to know more about the eviction process by visiting your local court. In the case of business lease, check whether there is a clause where the landlord can lock you out without going to the court. In some of the states, it is still allowed.

In case you do not want to agree to the terms of your landlord and settle out of court, you can always stretch the process of eviction and shift at the final stage. But this may also affect your credit rating in the US and finding a rented place somewhere else may also become difficult as your other landlord may like to check your records before allotting the house. It takes about 6 weeks during warm months or at most three months during the winter for the eviction process to get completed. The eviction proceedings would be started after the 3 day notice and you would receive a court notice in 1 or 2 weeks which is served by the Sheriff. If you respond within 5 days at the court personally and state why you should not get evicted, you can gain some more time to fight out the case or shift out if you lose.

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Is Three Day Notice Of Eviction Legal

What-Does-An-Eviction-Show-Up-On      The agencies which deal with credit reporting look out for the public documents which specially deal with the judgment of eviction cases and also match the names of the people in their databases with the public records they maintain. Though your landlord may not report about your eviction, there is a high chance it is still found by these agencies and recorded. More..




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Is Three Day Notice Of Eviction Legal ? )
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