Income Tax Tips  

Each year as the time for filing income tax nears all the people gets busy in finding the right person who can be of some help to them so, that filing tax becomes an easy task. We all know but disagree to a fact that each one of us want to pay less tax. But a single piece of advice would be that instead of hiding facts its better to know few simple tips that would be of immense help in managing the tax transactions and getting away from the burden of filing tax.More...

What Is The Federal Income Tax Rates ?

What Is The Federal Income Tax Rates

Whether you agree to it or not, paying income tax is the ultimate truth and no matter how much you try to evade, they cannot be escaped from the long arms of Internal Revenue System. Hence, to a peaceful mind for the rest of life its better to face it boldly and understand the rates of Federal income rates.More...


What Is The Purpose Of Income Tax ?

What Is The Purpose Of Income Tax

Each citizen of the nation who is endorsed in the payroll system is liable to pay income tax. The revenue collected from the entire nation is used by the government for undertaking developmental programs, providing financial aid to governmental support programs for the people who fall under low income group or are incapacitated due to old age or some other disabilities.More...


What Is The Minimum Income To File Taxes ?

What Is The Minimum Income To File Taxes

There are two prime factors which need to be considered before filing income tax in United States. Should the tax return filing is necessary as per the income tax law, which depends in variety of factors? Is filing the return is essential even when it is not required to, for your own benefit.More...


Who Has To Pay Income Taxes ?

Who Has To Pay Income Taxes

A citizen of a country must take the responsibility of filing income tax return on their own each year. The IRS expects each one of us who belong to the payroll or own a business to file the income tax. IRS has fixed certain income threshold to ascertain whether one must file the tax. These are of course directly proportionate to the inflation rate.More...


What Is Income Tax Used For ?

What Is Income Tax Used For

Collection of income tax by the U.S government dates back to the year 1861 which was basically meant for meeting the expenses that were associated with the ongoing civil war. Later in the year 1913, the 16th Amendment to the income tax act enabled the government to impose income tax on individuals and the business firms to fund all the governmental operations.More...


Elderly Filing Income Tax Tips

Elderly Filing Income Tax Tips

Helping an elderly person to file income tax would be indeed a nice gesture for them. As per the government decision filing income tax return is mandatory for all adult citizen no matter what age he has attained. For an elderly person, this work could be a tedious and confusing matter. So, if you are experienced enough it would be very nice if you can help such people who could be either your family member, in the neighborhood or a friend.More...


Income Taxes Facts

Income Taxes Facts

The tax system as a whole has a lot to do. The existing system is very complex, which needs to simplify. The complication is seen in all the aspects. The total pages in the tax code and regulations have doubled from 26,300 in 1984 to 54,846 by 2003. The alternative minimum tax, which was initially brought into play for richer individuals, has invariably made the middle class individuals pay raising the number of AMT tax payers to 36 million in 2010.More...





Income tax tips - What is income tax used for? - Elderly filing income tax tips

How-To-Calculate-Income-Tax-Expense      An income statement can be reflected in two basic designs. One is the single step income statement, and the other one is the multiple step income statement. In the former statement, the earnings are mentioned at the top of the form followed by the expenses of the company for the same time period. Whereas in the later which is mostly used by the corporate firms the earnings are shown at the end as earnings per share. This form is somewhat more complex. More..




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Income tax tips - What is income tax used for? - Elderly filing income tax tips )
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