How To Legally Eliminate All Property Taxes ?  

By definition any individually owning any property in his or her name is liable to pay tax for it. This tax will also be paid for possession of any land. If in case an owner is not able to arrange for taxes or does not desire for the same, following are the few suggestions.

The best possible way to avoid payment of tax on property is to sale the said possession and the absolute way to get the best price is to list the property with a real estate company.

The next possible way is to rent out the property. In this case, the occupant is liable to pay for all taxes including keeping the house owner’s insurance of said property. If the occupant fails to do so and leaves the house, the ownership still remains with you. This is applicable for vacant properties too.

Most of the customer service existing with local branches has information regarding tax exemptions to help customers in case they are not capable to pay the taxes. Discuss with your tax evaluator and ask for the specific application to meet your circumstances. The various cases may be on farm, religious ground, on age bracket, and also on disability ground.

After receiving the application, study in detail and comprehend it entirely. Fill the application correctly and attach relevant documents including last receipt of property tax and income certificate. Ensure, you send the application before the due date or your case may not be considered even if you are entitled for the same. If you are entitled, you will receive a mail within 2 to 3 weeks.

Remember the aim is to pay the least.

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How To Legally Eliminate All Property Taxes

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How To Legally Eliminate All Property Taxes ? )
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