Where Is My State Tax Refund ?  

Undelivered and unclaimed tax refund amounts to billion of dollars every year. The IRS and state department revenue have billion of dollars in their treasury which is lying as unclaimed and undelivered refund of tax money. This is the money which is owed to millions of taxpayers.

Each state has a different approach towards disseminating this money to the owners. As a taxpayer you must know the right procedure for claiming your refund money.

Government has identified two basic reasons for unclaimed tax. One is the unidentified address and the other is failure in submission of return. Both the reasons can be handled easily and there’s nothing to panic. For instance, where the address is not identifiable the tax payer can contact the department of revenue of the respective state and claim for the check that has been misplaced. The officials will ask to fill up some form again, after doing the needful you can expect your check to be delivered to your current address within six to eight weeks.

Incase your tax has not been refunded because of your failure of submission at the right time what you need to do is file it again. But do keep in mind that the IRS website allows you to file for the current year and just one or two years of backlog. Beyond that the facility is not available with the IRS website. There are many who do not file with a fear that filing for previous years would fetch some fine or penalty this is absolutely wrong. There is no such ruling at all. So, if you have not filed yet, do it now.

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Where Is My State Tax Refund

Check-My-Tax-Refund-Online      You may check your tax refund status in different ways. It actually depends on what form you had used for filing the tax return and by which method you had submitted your form. IRS claims that those forms which are sent electronically normally takes seven days to process so, in order to get the refund it may take another seven more days. Hence, in total for an electronically filed tax return, the refund could be expected after two weeks. More..




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Where Is My State Tax Refund ? )
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