Drunk Driving Prevention Programs  

Driving and drink do not mix but there are many people who insist on mixing the two. According to statistics, one drunk driver is killed every 39 minutes and one person is injured every 2 minutes due to drunken driving.

When a person drinks alcohol, his ability to drive lessens. His mental and motor skills get impaired and the person finds it difficult to perform necessary actions for driving like braking, changing lanes, using judgment, steering or adjusting to changing conditions on the road.

Each and every state in the United States has legal limits on how much alcohol can be present in your blood. This concentration of alcohol is known blood alcohol concentration or BAC. The amount of alcohol present in a person's blood can be measured using a breath, blood or urine test. The most convenient method is using a breathalyzer, which most police officers have handy and can give a drunk driver test there and then to determine the level of alcohol in his blood.

It has been seen that many teenagers are susceptible to drunk driving and that is why many schools across the United States are running drunk driving prevention programs. Here teenagers are educated about the harm they can cause others and themselves when they drink and drive. These drunk driving prevention programs are a way to reduce the number of alcohol-related accidents and fatalities.

Even private organizations, non-profit organizations and community groups undertake drunk driving prevention programs. These programs target all age groups because the problem of driving under the influence of alcohol is spread across groups.

In addition to teaching about the harms of driving while intoxicated, drunk driving programs also give counseling or refer people to appropriate centers for alcohol counseling so that they can kick the habit.

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Drunk Driving Prevention Programs

Drunk-Driving-Stats      Drunk driving statistics can be scary for people who do not drink and drive. However, these statistics should eye openers for all who drive. Drunk drivers are not only a menace to themselves but pose danger to other people. People are always encouraged to report a drunk driver to authorities so that these drivers can be removed from the roads before they injure or kill themselves or others. More..




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Drunk Driving Prevention Programs )
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