How Many People Die Every Year From Drunk Driving ?  

Drunk driving means driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Usually the person's motor and mental skills are impaired because of the alcohol and he is unable to properly use actions required to drive a vehicle. Drunk driving is illegal in all the states in the US.

So, how many people die every year from drunk deaths? Actually the number is quite high. According to the statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 40 percent of total traffic deaths are due to drunk driving. In 2006, an estimated 17,941 people died due to alcohol-related vehicle accidents.

Although people are aware that it is wrong and illegal to drink and drive, they still get behind the wheel of their cars while being drunk. In fact, this more often seen in youngsters under the age of 24 and drink driving accidents are the major cause of death in this group.

Here are some figures on how many people die every year from drunk driving accidents:

  • In the US, one person is killed every 39 minutes by a drunk driver.
  • Everyday 36 people die and nearly 700 are injured due to accidents caused by drunk drivers.
  • Nearly half of all teenage fatalities are caused due to drunk driving.
  • More males than females drive while intoxicated. According to statistics around 81 percent of all drunk drivers are men.
  • In 2007, alcohol-related deaths were 15, 387, which is approximately 37 percent of deaths that occurred in the United States.
  • The top five states with the highest number of alcohol-related deaths are Texas, Florida, Illinois, California and Pennsylvania.

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How Many People Die Every Year From Drunk Driving

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How Many People Die Every Year From Drunk Driving ? )
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