Teens Drunk Driving Stories  

Car accidents and crashes are one of the leading causes of teenage deaths in the United States. According to figures available, 36 percent of all teenage deaths occur due to car accidents. There are many reasons for these deaths and one of the most common causes of teenage deaths driving while intoxicated.

Here are some teens' drunk driving stories:

In Copiague, New York, a teenager was in a suspected drunk driving accident. This teenager was just 17 years old and named Gary Paulino. Gary was killed when his car was struck by another car which was allegedly driven by a drunk driver -- 43-year old woman. The woman may have been able to avert the crash had she been sober. On the other hand, Gary was not wearing his seatbelt, which would have protected him. However, the woman and her son, who was also in the car, escaped unhurt with minor cuts and bruises. When the woman's blood alcohol concentration was checked, it was found that the level was three times the allowed legal limit of 0.08 percent. The woman was arrested and charged.

In 1991, Jason was street racing with friends and drinking alcohol. Jason and his friends were having a good time until Jason had a crash and killed his co-passenger, his 15-year old brother. Jason was convicted of manslaughter and was incarcerated in the California State Prison for six years. On his release, Jason pursued his studies once again and ended up becoming a counselor to drug addicts and alcohol addicts. After what happened to his brother, Jason realized how senseless and unwarranted teenage deaths were. He wrote a book about how his life changed after the crash and he also spends time giving talks and writing about the ills of drunk driving.

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Teens Drunk Driving Stories

Consequences-Of-Drunk-Driving      If you want to drink and drive, then you should be prepared to face the consequences. Drivers who drink and drink are at a greater risk of being involved in accidents, suffering from injuries and also death. Remember, alcohol impairs your senses and your ability to react fast More..




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