Sample Letter To Appeal A Parking Ticket  

People receive parking tickets when they violate parking laws or end up parking illegally. It means paying an unnecessary fine for parking a vehicle in a restricted place or parking in an unauthorized place or manner.

However, it has been seen that not every parking ticket is issued correctly. Sometimes, police officers feel that the parking is not conforming to the laws and they issue a parking ticket. However, in this case the police officers are mistaken and you can appeal against a parking ticket.

Here is a sample letter to appeal a parking ticket especially when a ticket was issued when you were not the owner of the car:

[Your name, complete address and telephone number]


[The Issuing authority’s address]


Dear Sir,

Penalty Charge Notice Number:
Date of Issue:
Vehicle Registration Number:]

I am writing to challenge the above mentioned Penalty Charge Notice. As per the Road Traffic Act 1991, my challenge is on the grounds that at the time the above Penalty Charge Notice was issued, I was the not the owner of the said vehicle.

[State if the breaking of parking laws was done by the previous owner or by the new owner. In addition, give the date as to when your ownership began or stopped]. [If the evidence is available] Please find enclosed the evidence with regard to my ownership in the form of [give the details and why it should be considered as proof.].

The contact details of the vehicle owner at the time when the Penalty Charge Notice was issued are as follows:

[New/Previous owner's name and address]

I hope I have been able to present my case successfully and I look forward to receiving a notification that the Penalty Charge Notice made in my favor has been cancelled within the next 3 weeks.

Should you require any further information, please feel free to contact me on the above mentioned address.

Yours sincerely,
[Your signature and full name]

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Sample Letter To Appeal A Parking Ticket

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Sample Letter To Appeal A Parking Ticket )
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