Probation Revocations Due To Speeding Ticket  

When a person is on probation, it does not involve incarceration. Rather it means that the person has been convicted for a crime but does spend time in jail or serves only part of his sentence. Thereafter he is released but has to report on a regular basis to his probationary officer about his whereabouts and what he is doing with his time.

Probation is an option available for certain offenses. However, for capital crimes, drug selling, rape and other serious crimes probation is not granted. A person on probation has to follow certain rules and if he breaks any of the rules, the probation is cancelled and the person is sent back to prison.

So, what happens if a person on probation gets a speeding ticket? Well, when a person on probation gets a speeding ticket, it is compulsory to inform the person's probationary officer. The person has to inform the probationary officer as soon as possible because one of the questions that the officer will ask in the regular meeting is whether the person had any contact with the law enforcement.

Receiving a speeding ticket is a Class C offense and probation is only revoked for offenses that are classified as Class B and higher. However, if a person on probation is stopped for speeding and does not have a valid driving license, it could result in revocation of his probation. Under these circumstances, the person would have to appear in court and the judge will decide whether to revoke the probation or not.

The fact remains that the person on probation should inform his probationary officer about the speeding ticket or else the officer will start wondering what else the person has been lying about and may recommend that the person's probation be revoked.

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Probation Revocations Due To Speeding Ticket

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Probation Revocations Due To Speeding Ticket )
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