Teen Speeding Ticket Punishment  

The main reason that people like to avoid getting speeding tickets is that they do not want a ticket on their record as it increases their insurance rates, especially if they get too many speeding tickets in a period of three years. This is true for everyone, including teen drivers.

When it comes to teen speeding ticket punishment, the law is different for each state in the United States. For example, the law in Arizona is as follows for a teen:

1st Violation - If you attend a defensive driving school, your record will remain clean.
2nd Violation (first conviction) - You must attend a traffic survival school.
3rd Violation (second conviction) - 3 month suspension of driving license.
4th Violation (third conviction) - 6 month suspension of driving license.

If your state has the option of attending a traffic school in lieu of a speeding ticket getting on your driving records, you should immediately grab the opportunity. This way you will have a clean track record where your driving is concerned. However, a teen would still have to pay the necessary fine imposed by the law enforcement agency.

Traffic schools are there to help people hone their driving skills. However, most teens view it more as a punishment than as a means of improving their driving and avoiding violations. Today, online traffic schools have also come up and a teen does not have to go a physical school. States like California, Virginia, Oregon, Alabama, Delaware, Wyoming, Florida, Texas, Nevada, Alaska, New Mexico, Maryland and Missouri accept online schools.

In some states, teen speeding offenses are handled by teen courts and it is quite possible the court will insist on community service. Usually in these states, teen speeding is viewed as Class 2 offense which is punishable by 17 to 32 hour of community service. Sometimes, besides community service, the teen might also be asked to do jury service.

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Teen Speeding Ticket Punishment

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