What Does A Traffic Ticket Look Like ?  

A traffic ticket is a citation that is handed out to drivers who break traffic laws and rules. The ticket is handed out by police officers and it is given for minor or major offenses. Usually the person has to pay a fine, failing which he or she would have to attend a court hearing on a particular date.

Traffic tickets are of two types. One is for a moving violation and the other is for a non-moving violation like parking in front of a fire hydrant or in a no-parking zone. Although parking tickets vary in appearance and details, they generally tend to look like a receipt that one gets from a shop's checkout counter. All traffic tickets certain common feature like:

  • The driver's name, date of birth, gender and other details which are taken down from the person's driving license.
  • License number, where issued, period of validity etc.
  • Vehicle registration number, make and model
  • Details of where the infringement occurred
  • Details of speeding which must include the speed recorded, the method of recording and the speed limit prevailing in the zone of infringement
  • Details of infringement if other than speeding.
  • Details like the density of traffic, weather at the time and visibility when the traffic violation occurred.
  • The amount the person has to pay as fine
  • A date and time at which the driver must appear in a particular court with a warning that failure to attend could result in arrest, or cancellation of driving license.

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What Does A Traffic Ticket Look Like

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What Does A Traffic Ticket Look Like ? )
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