Wrong Name And Info On My Speeding Ticket  

In the United States, it is estimated that each year around 35 million traffic tickets are issued and out of these the maximum are for speeding violations. 95 percent of the people pay their traffic tickets without contesting. However, 5 percent of tickets are contest out of which half are dismissed and the remaining half have their fines reduced.

When a person gets a speeding ticket, it is because he or she was driving above the legal speed limit for that particular road. It also means that the person would have a pay a fine which has a greater impact on the insurance costs as they tend to increase with repeated traffic violations.

So, what would happen if there is wrong name and info on your speeding ticket? Well, it might just be your lucky day! You can contest the ticket and you will most probably get a favorable judgment on a technicality.

The first thing that you should do when there is wrong name and info on your speeding ticket is to go to court on the date mentioned on the ticket. This is when the arraignment will take place and you, as a defendant, have to plead guilty or not guilty. If you plead guilty, you pay the fine and you are out. However, if you plead not guilty, then a date is set for the trail. The court may set a bail and usually this amount is not higher than the fine amount. But you can also be released on your own recognizance, which is a promise made by you that you will not skip town and be present for the trial.

This is the time to bring to the court's notice the name and info on the traffic ticket. Point out that it is wrong and ask the case to be dismissed. The judge may ask you a few questions to check the truth and you would also have to carry identification to prove your identity.

Since the wrong name and info on the speeding ticket makes the entire case invalid, the probability is high that the police officer who issued the speeding ticket would get a wrap on his fingers and the case will get dismissed.

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Wrong Name And Info On My Speeding Ticket

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Wrong Name And Info On My Speeding Ticket )
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