2 Second Rule At Stop Sign  

Each state in the US has its own traffic laws and anyone driving has to conform to these laws without asking any questions. The traffic laws and rules are present to ensure road safety for all drivers and pedestrians.

The most common traffic violations are driving above the legal speed limit, running a red light and running a stop sign. Usually at road junctions, stop signs are erected and it is expected that a driver slows down and comes to a halt at these stop signs to check whether any traffic is approaching from the opposite direction. However, most drivers are impatient and do not slow down or come to a halt.

If traffic is approaching at a junction or cross roads, then the driver who is on the left must give way to the driver on his right. This is a traffic rule and the right of the way belongs to the driver coming on the right. That is why it is important to slow and come to a halt at stop signs.

There are some people who think that there is something known as the 2 second rule at a stop sign. However, there is no such rule. The rule is that at a stop sign a driver must slow down and come to a complete halt, check that there is no approaching traffic from both ends and then proceed in the direction he wants to go.

Usually drivers do not care about stopping at a stop sign. Instead they just slow down and then proceed. This is, however, against traffic rules and the driver can get a traffic ticket for this infringement.

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2 Second Rule At Stop Sign

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