Why People Who Ran Stop Signs ?  

Stop signs are present at intersections so that drivers approaching the sign come to a complete halt, check the road for approaching traffic and only proceed if there is no traffic. Similarly stop signs are also present at certain pedestrian crossings so that people can cross the road without any problems.

However, most drivers do not stop completely at stop signs, which, in fact, is mandatory. They just slow down and then proceed, which may not be the wisest thing to do. This slowing down process is known as rolling stop.

So, why people run stop signs? Invariably it is because they are impatient. They do not want to waste time and think that they will reach their destination faster. But many times this does not happen as the driver is distracted and does not see on coming traffic. This is the reason why accidents and crashes occur at stop signs. When the driver notices traffic or a pedestrian crossing, it is often too late for him to do anything.

Running of stop signs lead to many accidents and it is one traffic rule that most states view very seriously. Many people, especially pedestrians, elderly and children are killed at stop signs because drivers do not have the patience to wait for a few seconds before proceeding.

If a person is caught running a stop sign, there is no ambiguity in the law. The person will get a traffic ticket and will also end up accumulating points, which reflect on his driving record. The traffic police have gone through a lot of trouble of installing cameras to catch people running stop signs but this has done nothing to bring down the number of people violating this traffic rule.

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Why People Who Ran Stop Signs

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