Law That Required A Tax To Have A Official Seal Put On Wills  

Today we can draw up wills without attracting any tax. All we have to worry about is paying the attorney's fees for making the will.

However, this was not always the case. There used to be a law that required a tax to have an official seal put on wills. This was the infamous Stamp Act of 1765, officially known as Duties in American Colonies Act 1765.

This tax was imposed on the British colonies in America by the British Parliament and any legal printed document, including wills, in the colonies was subject to this tax. The tax was imposed so that the British would have the money to pay the salaries of the troops, who were stationed in America after the British won the Seven Year War.

The British Parliament assumed that the American colonies were benefitting by having the presence of troops and that is why the colonies should share the expenses of keeping the troops stationed there.

However, the law that required a tax to have an official seal put on wills was not welcomed by the colonies, who felt that it violated their rights to be taxed with their consent, and the consent could only be given by the colonies' colonial legislatures. This resulted in the colonies' assemblies sending protest petitions.

It is said that the protest against the Stamp Act of 1765 was the first joint protest against the British government by the different colonies. The protests were led by merchants and land owners and spread from New England to Georgia. Sometimes, the demonstrations protesting the stamp tax turned violent and the stamp tax distributers were intimidated and basically the tax was never collected.

The Stamp Tax Act was formally repealed on March 17, 1766 by the King after the British Parliament passed a resolution for its repeal a month earlier.

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Law That Required A Tax To Have A Official Seal Put On Wills

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Law That Required A Tax To Have A Official Seal Put On Wills )
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