Effects Of Drug Abuse On The Family  

Drug addiction and abuse not only affects the individual who is the victim but also the family, friends and relatives, and the entire society that revolves around the person.

In fact, in a family where there is drug abuse, the problems of child abuse and neglect are found to be higher since the victim may not be in a mental state to concentrate on child’s emotional needs and even basic needs.

The interaction with the child may even become a burden to the abuser as he does not have the required patience and this leads to emotional and sometimes physical abuse.

Domestic violence is another common problem in a family where there is drug abuse. In case a pregnant woman is addicted to drugs, the fetus health is also affected and the new born baby may have some prenatal and postnatal abnormalities. In addition, drug abuse leads to other problems like higher risk of accidents and injuries as the reflexive action of the body would come down drastically.

The entire family of the victim is generally under emotional strain. Hence, most of the family members end up covering the abuser’s habits in order to protect themselves and their prestige and status in the society. They are also insecure that their stand in the society and the respect of the family would be at great stake. Apart from the normal day to day issues with the victim, they need to also work on the financial needs. The healthy interaction of the family members with their society and their friends drastically come down as they take a lot of time to cope up with the tough task of dealing with the victim.

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Affects Of Drug Abuse On The Family




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