High School Urban Drug Abuse  

Drug abuse is one of the most serious problems widespread among today’s youth. With its easy accessibility from the various sources, children as young as 11 years are exposed to marijuana!

Surveys have stated that more than 65 percent of the high school students have drank alcohol, 30 percent of the students have used cocaine or marijuana.

In fact, reports state that the drug use among teenagers is at the highest in the United States when compared to other industrialized nations. Unfortunately, the number of children who consume drugs has only tripled in the recent years. In addition to drug use, alcohol consumption is also very high among teenagers.

The various reasons for this widespread drug use includes peer pressures, exposure to pills and liquor through ads, television and movies, curiosity to experiment the ‘high’ feeling, rebelliousness of the younger generation and sometimes, low self-esteem.

Drug abuse can lead to various psychological and physical disorders and affects constructive mental growth as there is less progress in the education and productivity. In severe cases of addiction, it leads to memory distortion, brain damage, lesser reflex action and sometimes death. Mostly, students tend to skip classes, arrive late and are not punctual in their work and also timings.

Various measures are being taken by schools after the issue caught the attention of the media and there are awareness programs which transmit values and standards to the students at an early age and educate them as to why they should stay away from substance abuse and what problems it can cause to the family.

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High School Urban Drug Abuse




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