Abuse Of The Elderly And Mental Ill  

Elder abuse is a common thing that is prevalent in the modern society. Most of the times, the incidents of abuse go unreported because the elderly and mentally ill patients are generally abused by a relative or someone very close, Hence, there is a feeling of shame in the elderly and therefore, they do not report the abuse but choose to bear it.

There are different ways in which an elderly or mentally ill patient can be abused. Sometimes the caregiver may choose to neglect the patient, where he may forget to provide the basic needs to the patient. Apart from this, the caretaker may abuse the patient financially wherein he may choose to neglect the patient’s needs and spend the money on himself and his family. He may also try to unnecessarily spend the patient’s money whenever possible. Emotional abuse of the elderly and mentally ill patients is another form of abuse wherein the caretaker may isolate the patient from the relatives and friends. He may also humiliate and threaten the patient. By doing so he actually tries to destroy the self esteem of the patient. The most common form of abuse among the elderly and mentally ill is physical abuse where the patient may be beaten or knocked over or may be given over dose of medicines etc.

It is easy to prevent elder abuse and neglect if early intervention is done. Family members should maintain frequent contacts with the elderly in their family and thus also check on their health, style of living and emotional well being.

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Abuse Of The Elderly And Mental Ill




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