Emotional And Mental Abuse In Women After Divorce  

Sometimes emotional and mental abuse may be the reason why a woman may seek divorce. In a bid to escape the daily trauma one may prefer to be divorced. However, for some women the trauma may not be over even after the divorce.

There may be men who may continue to play havoc with the feelings of their ex wives and children even after they have been divorced. In case there are kids involved, the husband may try to use them as a tool and abuse his ex wife or in some cases, the guy may try to abuse the kids itself. Once the divorce what more can be done? But it is always for the woman to stand up to herself and fight it out rather than being a victim.

When one finds oneself in such a situation, then one should be determined to fight it out for the sake of self and kids, if they are also involved. In case this person tries to regularly call and create trouble, then one can change one’s number and block his calls. If the guy tries to misbehave with the kids during their visitation, then one can consult a lawyer to reverse the situation.

After all what is there to lose, after what all has already been lost? But if one can save one’s children from such emotional trauma then it is definitely worth all the trouble. To gain support in this fight against emotional abuse, one can even talk to therapist and seek his guidance. There are also support groups that are willing to support victims of emotional abuse.

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Emotional And Mental Abuse In Women After Divorce




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