Examples Of Emotional Abuse Marriage  

Emotional abuse is a type of domestic violence where the abuser abuses the victim in a bid to obtain control over her or him. Which incidents can be categorized as emotional abuse? Some examples of emotional abuse are as follows:

Examples Of Emotional Abuse In A Marriage:

  • When the abuser tries to isolate the victim by restricting her social interaction and trying to make her dependant on him. He may try to deprive her of any means of transportation and communication. He might try to insult her friends and relatives and thus stop them from meeting the victim.
  • Acts like yelling, shouting, name calling etc. are examples of verbal abuse. But in some cases the abuser may also choose the path of silence, where he may break all sorts of communication with the victim is also an example of emotional verbal abuse.
  • Abuser may also choose to use money as a way of exercising his control on the victim. The victim may not be allowed to have any financial freedom and maybe accountable for each and every expense made and in some cases, the abuser may also refuse to acknowledge his responsibilities towards household expenses.
  • When the abuser ignores the sexual needs of the victim or is critical of the victim’s approach to sex and may make her unattractive or incapable of having sex.
  • When the abuser blames the victim for everything that is wrong in the marriage and tries to show that he is indeed doing a favor on the victim by staying married to her.

When the above examples seem to be a part of your daily life, then it is probably time for you to act and save yourself.

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Examples Of Emotional Abuse Marriage




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