Child Sexual Abuse Effect On Their Life  

An adult who is mentally ill could have been sexually abused during childhood. Such incidents have long term effects. A sexually abused child loses trust and develops some aversion to intimacy and sexuality. Research on the effects of sexual abuse has found that some children eventually become psychiatric patients.

This condition is not restricted only to the girls, the same holds true for boys too.

Children who are pretty good looking or quite friendly and who trust others easily are targeted. They are more vulnerable to abuse. Such children face more difficulties in their school where their academic performance and behavior are questioned. With their self-esteem attacked, it is hard to decide about how far they believe or how do they view others. There is a clear linking of a history of child sexual abuse with symptoms like depression or anxiety. Symptoms like eating disorders are considered to be post-traumatic.

At times the effects are of short-term that slows down within a span of two years. They could develop some behaviors like thumb sucking or bed-wetting. Disturbed sleep or problems in eating or performance problems at school are all some of the effects a child suffer from. These in turn lead to depression or a guilty fear in them. They may also develop fear and anxiety towards opposite sex or an aversion to sexual issues.

The negative effects can run into many years up adulthood. Even if a child may not experience any harm in the short run, it could tell on them later in their life.

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Child Sexual Abuse Effect On Their Life




Abuse & Prevention:

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