Acupuncture Side Effect  

Acupuncture heals many diseases. It utilizes the principle of inserting very fine hair like thin needles at the pressure or trigger points. These are the focal points at which the flow of the energy Qi gets blocked due to some reason. Acupuncture has been identified as very beneficial in treating and curing many illnesses. However, there are instances where the person undergoing acupuncture has experienced certain side effects, although these have been very rare.

One of the most prominent side effects of acupuncture is of feeling a continuous sensation of heat, tenderness and tingling in the parts which has undergone treatment.

As the treatment involves insertion of needles occasionally patients have experienced mild injuries or bruises at the trigger points because the needles at times get inserted in the capillaries of the blood causing injury. Also, it has been noticed in few cases that the person undergoing acupuncture treatment may experience fatigue resulting in drop of blood pressure. One of the rarest instances of acupuncture is getting allergic reactions due to the insertion of stainless steel needles.

There is a technique in acupuncture called PENS or TENS. This includes use of electric stimulation at the different trigger points. This could lead to a tingling sensation which is felt as pin sensation in the affected area. Further use of electric stimulators can also result in damage to certain nerves. In certain other methods of acupuncture, which involve consumption of herbs, the ingredient in the herbs mainly caffeine can lead to insomnia. Moxibustion method includes burning of herbs near the skin of the patient. This could also be risky.

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Acupuncture Side Effect




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