Why I Feel Worse After My First Acupuncture Session

Why I Feel Worse After My First Acupuncture Session ?

Acupuncture is used to treat various health conditions and in order to treat them needles are pierced in to the body just under the skin.

This method of treatment has been used in China for thousands of years. It is believed that energy or the qi flows under the skin in a uniform fashion and using this energy many ailments can be cured.

When you go for an acupuncture treatment for the first time, the practitioner will take a medical examination and also ask you some questions on your medical history. The actual therapy will probably start from the second session which will be scheduled soon after the first session. When people actually go through the first treatment session where it involves taking of your clothes and then the acupuncturist places needles under the skin, they feel worse. Many people do complain of this syndrome and it is because you do not like the idea of needles being pierced into your body and it is more of a psychological impact than a physiological one.

Most people by the time they go through their second or more sessions say that they do not feel any pain when needles are being placed and that is because by that time they already know what to expect. At the most the feeling is compared to a warm tingling sensation under the skin caused by the needle. People who are terrified of needles and cannot get used to the idea of it, acupressure is not a better solution for them because it will not be easy for them to go through the treatment protocol.

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Why I Feel Worse After My First Acupuncture Session