History Of Ancient Chinese Medicine  

Chinese herbal remedy is one of the immensely popular treatments in the world amid an endless practice of herbal therapy leading back to the 3rd century BC. All the way through, its saga it has repeatedly evolved in reaction to varying clinical conditions, and has been proved persistent by explorers in the way of its utilization. This progress carries on even today among the advancement of contemporary therapeutic investigative techniques and awareness.

Its methodical advancement and clinical efficacy has made it quite popular in the East and in recent times has developed popularity quickly in the West. It silently, without a debate, forms a key ingredient of treatment center in China, and is offered in state hospitals together with western drugs. Chinese medicine incorporates all familiar backgrounds rising from Southeast Asian civilizations ranging from Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan to Korea. It is a comprehensive method which possesses the ability to treat almost all medical conditions chronic as well primary health care. It takes account of herbal therapy, acupuncture, dietary therapy, and exercises. The treatment could be a combination of all or few.

As stated by Chinese philosophy, the body of a human being is managed by Chi, which means 'Life Force'. The Chi is fabricated with Yin and the Yang -- the feminine and masculine principles. A perfect harmony amid the two is the result of good health.

It is believed that pressure points of acupuncture were identified way back in 2700 BC, and were considered important for healing the body. Many doctors from ancient China were known to use these pressure points to successfully treat some of the most complicated diseases.

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History Of Ancient Chinese Medicine




Learn-About-Chinese-Medicine      The guiding principle of traditional Chinese medicines is the attainment of perfect balance in the human body. The Chinese consider that the human body is regulated by chi that can be interpreted as the force of life. This chi comprises of Yin and Yang that means the feminine and the masculine ethics. An appropriate balance between these two ethics would result in a good health. Therefore, the Chinese herbal therapy is all about bringing about a balance between the Yin and Yang. More..




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History Of Ancient Chinese Medicine )
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