Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment For Canker Sores  

Canker sore is a kind of sore in the mouth. It is quite distressful condition, as it results in mouth ulcers. When a person gets affected by canker sores, his eating ability is destroyed because the mouth becomes unable to ingest anything as the spices and other things hurt, and the sores become even more painful. Those who had canker sores earlier would never want to have them again.

The most common reasons to have canker sores are genetics, stress and foods that are rich in acid and spices. Genes play an important role in determining the underlying cause for canker sores. If you are getting affected time and again, it could be because one of your parents or somebody in your family also had this problem at some time or the other. Stress leads to declining immune system and that is why even the slightest alteration in food intake can cause canker sores to appear. Foods that are rich in acid and oil are more likely to cause abrasions inside the mouth which is supposed to have a softer skin as compared to other body parts.

Canker sores once started usually persists for more than few weeks. Chinese tradition medicine has a variety of solutions for treating canker sores. Right kind of nutrition and consumption of certain herbs can cure canker sores within a few days. The most widely used traditional herbs for treating canker sores are astra isatis herb, ganoderma, tremella, poria, and polyporus power mushrooms. These herbs have the ability to cure sores in the quickest possible time. Lysine and licorice can also be used for getting relief from canker sores. The traditional Chinese method also recommends the intake of supplements of vitamins B and C, folic acid, iron and zinc.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment For Canker Sores




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Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment For Canker Sores )
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