Is Faith Healing A Part Of Orthodox Christianity?  

Faith healing is a practice followed to use religious or spiritual means such as prayer or spiritual insights to prevent illness, cure disease or improve health.

Faith healers also claim that they can get divine intervention to obtain miracle cures. When people are faced with serious illness, they many times consider supernatural healing or faith healing as the final option.

It is the belief of some Christians that God heals people through the power of Holy Spirit. Faith healing is reported by Catholics as a result of prayer to a saint or to a person with the gift of healing. The miraculous healings attributed to Blessed Virgin Mary known as Our Lady of Lourdes at the grotto of Lourdes in France and also Saint Jude are on record. The Catholic Church has given recognition to 67 miracles and 7000 inexplicable cures ever since Blessed Virgin Mary appeared in Lourdes in 1858. These have been verified for authenticity by the Lourdes Medical Bureau before accepted by the Church.

So, is faith healing a part of Orthodox Christianity? Orthodox Christianity believes that healing the soul is more important than healing the body. Orthodox Christians use Holy Unction to heal the body and soul. They also believe that a disease is God's way of cleaning the soul. Therefore, it will not be wrong to say that faith healing is a part of Orthodox Christianity. However, the principles of healing are different from other sects of Christianity but faith and belief are very basis of healing physical illnesses and as well as those of the mind.  

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Is Faith Healing A Part Of Orthodox Christianity




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