Advantages And Disadvantages Of Herbal Medicine  

No doubt that herbal medicine is gaining popularity as more and more people are drawing towards it. But as all good things has certain darkness related to it so is the case with herbal medicines. Herbal medicines in the form of homeopathy, naturopathy and ayurveda are being used in various parts of the world. In recent times it has evolved as an industry itself. In many countries these are being taught and practiced like allopathy. There are government recognized universities and colleges which deal with the training and research of herbal medicines.

Herbal medicines have many advantages in its kitty and that is the reason why it has gained so much of recognition. At the first instance it would be good to know that these are less expensive as compared to allopathic medicines. These can be purchased by any customer even without a doctor’s prescription. Herbal medicines are generally considered to be away from any side effect in comparison to chemical ones. Their reaction is slower, and hence, they are termed as soft medicines.

Herbal medicines have shown excellent results in treating digestive disorders. Some of them help in cleansing colon, cure indigestion, peptic ulcer and irritable bowel syndrome. The most commonly used herbs for these are plantago psyllium seed, rhubarb juice powder, aloe vera, alfalfa juice, chlorella, carrot concentrate and garlic.

Herbal medicines also show few demerits. Some of them have few negative effects on the body and can cause certain allergies. Since they are sold off the shelf in medicine corners without a prescription, this could be dangerous at times. In many countries, herbal medicines are not regulated by government, and so there is a doubt about their quality standards. Herbal medicines show improvement in conditions very slowly and hence, they are not effective in treating diseases which require immediate attention.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Herbal Medicine




Definition-Of-Herbal-Medicine      Herbal medicines as also referred to as phytomedicine or botanical medicine. The basic ingredients of any herbal medicines are extracts from plants. Various parts of a plant like seeds, bark, flower or even roots can have exceptional medicinal values. Although the use of herbal medicines was more prevalent in ancient times, due to its unmatched miraculous potential, it has descended since ages. More..




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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Herbal Medicine )
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