What Is The Definition Of Holistic Medicine  

Holistic medication is a kind of treatment which strives to heal a patient completely. It not only puts effort in treating an illness but also tries to uncover the underlying causes behind an illness and also how to tackle the after effects in the best possible way. Holistic medicine sees an individual as a whole which encompasses his physical, emotional, spiritual and mental state. After judging all these aspects separately, it attempts towards healing each one of them. One of the foremost approaches of holistic medicine is to prevent illness at the first instance which can happen only if a person is encouraged to live a lifestyle which can optimize his overall health condition.

Holistic medication enforces balanced diet, nutritional supplement and adhering to clean habits such as evasion of toxic substances that can pollute the body or environment. Naturopathy, homeopathy, and traditional Chinese medicine come under the term of holistic therapy.

The basic principle of holistic therapy is to boost up the body’s immune system so that it is able to defend itself from various ailments on its own. A person undergoing treatment by holistic medicine naturally gets cured from other subsidiary illnesses which he would not have been aware of. The basic aim of holistic medicine, thus, gets achieved.

Very often people hear about complementary medicines. These are actually an amalgamation of allopathic and holistic medicines. The people who are in this field believe that a single medication can’t be used for treating an illness. There are innumerable kinds of diseases and medical conditions that can be treated quite effectively using holistic medicine.

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What Is The Definition Of Holistic Medicine




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