Hypnosis For Fear Of Dogs  

The sight of a dog terrifies some people. They try to avoid a situation where they come face to face with a dog. There is something within their mind that screams danger every time they encounter a dog.

They are letting their fear of dog to control them because it is deep rooted and present in their subconscious mind. Even though the dog is considered as the man’s best friend, these people are not ready to believe that and do not let their guard down when a dog is some where near by.

Their unconscious mind is unable to differentiate between the good and the bad dog. This creates a panic situation every time they encounter a dog. The reason why they are afraid of the dog is immaterial. That issue is totally forgotten and they may not remember also. The response to the sight of a dog has become a habit. It is now a conditioned response that occurs unconsciously but the emotions and fears are real.   

Such people suffer from what is known as dog phobia. If they want to lead a life free of dog fears it is possible to do so by tapping into the power of the unconscious mind. The person need not run away every time he encounters a dog. Hypnosis works to overcome the fear of dog by removing irrational thoughts about dogs and replace them with rational thoughts. It helps the individual to relax and remove the anxiety regarding the dog. A slow approach of changing ones attitude and behavior towards dogs will allow him to approach them with confidence.

One result of hypnotherapy is that the person becomes more balanced about his response to a dog. For some, a single session of the therapy may be sufficient but for others two or two sessions may be required to get over their fear of dogs.

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Hypnosis For Fear Of Dogs




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