Techniques On How To Meditate  

The meditation techniques are broadly classified under two categories. Either they are based on Hinduism or on Zen. The techniques of meditation based on Hinduism are concentration oriented. One can easily learn to meditate as long as there is proper guidance.

Techniques on How to Mediate:

Concentrative meditation -- This focuses the attention on the breath, an image or a sound to bring the mind to rest and to allow greater awareness and clarity to emerge. The simplest form is to sit quietly and focus the attention on the breath. It is believed that there is a relationship between a person’s state of mind and his breath. If a person is agitated, frightened or anxious, his breath is rapid and uneven. When the mind is calm and composed, the breath is slow, deep and regular.

Yoga Nidra is a form of concentrative meditation. It is a type of psychic sleep and it induces complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation but at the same time it maintains awareness at the deeper level. One practices Yoga Nidra lying down and follows the instructions of the teacher. One progressively relaxes the muscles by running attention through different parts of the body. This is followed by the awakening of the opposite pole sensations such as heaviness and lightness. Each part of the body is known to have different control center in the brain. The movement of awareness through different parts of the body relaxes them and also clears nerve pathways to the brain.

Zen based meditation -- The individual sits quietly and witnesses whatever goes through the mind without getting involved with thoughts, worries or images. This helps to gain a calm and a non-reactive state of mind.

Healing meditation on twin hearts -- This is an advanced meditation technique. Some of the major chakras are the gateways to certain levels of consciousness. The center of the emotional heart and the center of the divine heart are to be activated to make them channels of spiritual energies. By prolonged concentration, one can receive illumination.

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Techniques On How To Meditate




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