Guided meditation for teens - Techniques on how to meditate

Techniques On How To Meditate            The meditation techniques are broadly classified under two categories. Either they are based on Hinduism or on Zen. The techniques of meditation based on Hinduism are concentration oriented. One can easily learn to meditate as long as there is proper guidance.More...

Guided Meditation For Teens

Guided Meditation For Teens

Daily transcendental meditation eases tension and lowers blood pressure. It is difficult to get a teenager to sit quietly and meditate for 15 minutes but the effort is rewarded with health improvement. A study has confirmed that teens with high systolic blood pressure who started practicing meditation have seen their blood pressure coming down by 3.5 points within 4 months.

The practice of meditation has stress-relieving benefits. If this can be maintained into adulthood, one can reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease. More...

History Of Meditation

History Of Meditation

Meditation is a mental discipline where the individual goes beyond his thinking mind into a state of awareness. It involves concentration of the mind on a single point of reference. It is known to be a part of many religions. People doing meditation may have different goals such as, achieving a higher state of consciousness, to have a greater focus, or to obtain a relaxed frame of mind.

The practice of meditation is known to have existed among the first Indian civilizations. Indian scriptures dated back to 2,000 years describe the technique of meditation. More...

Where Did Meditation Originate?

Where Did Meditation Originate

Even though nobody can say when exactly the practice of meditation started, many scholars and documents say that it dates back to 5,000 years. Asia is known to be the continent of its origin. The earliest written record of meditation is found in five thousand year old Hindu scriptures. It is known to have existed prior to Buddha.

It had followers all over the world. Meditation has been worked into almost every spiritual belief and religious practice in the world. It has many forms and a variety of different ways.More...