Appropiate Hot Yoga Clothing  

The ideal room temperature for practicing hot yoga is considered to between 80 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Clothes for hot yoga should also be chosen carefully. Nylon and cotton blend pants and cotton tunic are considered to be the most comfortable outfits when a person is practicing hot yoga.

It is generally spotted that women put on bra and shorts, while men wear only a pair of shorts. But it is not the dress code and you are entirely free to choose your kind of dress. The amount as well as fabric of clothes matters a lot. You should feel comfortable while practicing hot yoga. However, many stores offer a wide range of collection of hot yoga attire, and you only have to choose the type of hot yoga clothes that suit you the best.

The first thing to keep in mind before selecting hot yoga attire, the amount of clothing should be kept to the bear minimum. The fabric that the clothes are made from should be light, stretchable and breathable. To prevent overheating of the body, pull back your hair by making a pony and wear a wet headband which will keep your head cool. Light cotton fabrics and wicking fabrics which get dry very quickly are considered to the best for hot yoga clothing.

For women, racerback bra top is highly advisable for practicing hot yoga as it stretches very well. Heavier cotton could become wet and make a person feel uncomfortable. Organic cotton and lycra is also suitable. So, you can look for appropriate hot yoga clothes from these fabrics.

Most of the men prefer to wear a pair of shorts. If you can get a pair of shorts with a lining that keeps the body cool and helps it to breathe, you should opt for it. Remember, appropriate hot yoga clothes should not only allow the body to breathe, but they should be light and have the ability to get dry quickly.

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Appropiate Hot Yoga Clothing




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