Childrens And Yoga Activities  

The various poses of yoga interest children and they take it as a challenge and fun. If your kid is taking interest in yoga, then help him in practicing the different postures. However, to keep this interest ongoing, yoga activities should be made into a form of games. When they feel bored of one posture, introduce another yoga activity to keep their interest.

Relate the postures of yoga with daily life, so that they feel connected. Teach children the downward dog pose, which is playing the hands on ground and standing on the toes. Next teach the cat and cow posture and then move to the dead bug posture. Chair, tree and pigeon are some other poses that can be fun for children.

You can even think of enrolling your kid into a yoga class. It could be interesting for your kid. The new poses taught in a children's yoga class will attract them and they will enjoy teaching the same postures to their friends. The adventurous and funny names of the postures can increase their interest, as many postures have names like Moose, Venus Fly Trap or Half Hippo Half Bird. Storytelling could be another good idea to teach them yoga postures. Narrate a story and instruct them to show a posture linked to the story.

The game freeze and move could also be an interesting game. When you call out freeze, they have to take a posture of their choice and then free them by saying move.

There are many benefits of yoga. The increase in the level of concentration, confidence, development of self control and reduction in stress are some the common and most visible benefits of yoga.

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Childrens And Yoga Activities




Health-Benefits-Of-Yoga      The concept of yoga is very old, and people all across the world are practicing it. Presently, 11 million Americans are said to be benefited from yoga. The westernized classes of yoga concentrate mainly on performing physical postures, which are also known as asanas. Yoga also includes learning breathing mechanisms and meditation. Some classes teach the way of relaxing, while many others train people to explore new movements of the body. Many movements are found to be beneficial for a healthy body. More..




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