Herbal Cure For Capillary Fragility  

The human body has several capillaries all over the body along with the arteries and veins as a part of the blood circulatory system. The blood travels in a circular pattern in the body and that is why it is called blood circulatory system. First the blood travels downwards and then it is transported back to the heart in an upward direction.

Blood flowing downward is very simple to understand because of the presence of gravity. However, blood is able to flow upwards in the body because of capillary action. To make the capillary action possible in the body, we have something called the capillaries. These capillaries absorb the blood and pass it to the blood vessels and further push it upwards. Capillaries are the smallest blood vessels of the body. Capillary fragility is a disease that occurs when the capillaries in the body end up becoming weak. Also, when that happens, we can notice frequent bruises on the skin and also purple and bluish spots.

There are many herbs that help to strengthen the capillaries in the body. Capillary fragility can impair several functions in the body and also cause premature death of the cells of our body. Bilberry is one of the herbs that has flavonoids and anthomyacin, and can support circulation. Butcher's broom also is a herb that helps to strengthen the capillaries and increase the blood circulation. Ginkgo biloba, cayenne, prickly ash and garlic are all different kinds of herb that help the blood circulation and improve the blood flow system in the body.

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Herbal Cure For Capillary Fragility




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