How Capillary Action Makes Water Go Up ?  

Even though it is common to notice that water is running downwards, it is also possible for water to go upwards, and it is known as capillary action when this happens. There is a scientific explanation that explains why this happens. Plants are able to survive because they are able to absorb water with the help of capillary action.

You can also conduct small experiments to understand the capillary action that takes place in trees, plants, animals and human beings. The blood that flows in our body is able to travel upwards because of capillaries which work on the basis of capillary function.

Do this small experiment to understand how capillary action actually works. Wrap some plastic around a knitting needle and also tape the edges of it. You should have formed a tube. The narrower the diameter of the tube, the better the capillary action can be observed.

After you have managed to tape the knitting needle, pull the needle out and you have a nice tube ready. The tube should be open at both ends. Even a transparent straw will work for that matter. Pour some colored water into a glass and the glass should be half full. Put the plastic tube inside the glass of water and see what happens. The colored water starts climbing up the tube and well above the level of the water present in the glass.

Take a transparent glass for the experiment so that you can observe better. You can go on trying the experiment with different levels of water in the glass and also the size of the straw.

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How Capillary Action Makes Water Go Up ?




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